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The Ethics of the AI Use in Medical Purpose

The optimization of the technological level in the world industry changes greatly the whole paradigm of the labor itself. The intelligent machines are rightly considered the upcoming next generation of industry. With every month the systems receive new knowledge, upgraded skills and their work becomes more and more productive and […]

Best Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Every man wishes to be a tireless stud in bed, causing his partner cry in the climax at least three times per night. But constant stresses, accumulated fatigue, and a negative effect of various factors (state of the environment, heredity, lifestyle, etc.) can ignite the weakening of a sex function […]


Egyptair Company for Medical Services (EGYPTAIR HOSPITAL) announces the visit of two of the most eminent experts in neurology: Prof. Dr. Ikuya NONAKA – Professor of Neurology & President Emeritus National Hospital for Mental,Nervous and muscular disorders,National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry,Tokyo, Japan and Prof. Dr. Ichizo NISHINO – Professor […]