The Ethics of the AI Use in Medical Purpose

The optimization of the technological level in the world industry changes greatly the whole paradigm of the labor itself. The intelligent machines are rightly considered the upcoming next generation of industry. With every month the systems receive new knowledge, upgraded skills and their work becomes more and more productive and effective. The amount of tasks performed by the computers is truly hard to apprehend. The life in our world becomes easier and more riches appear to be available for people.

The technological giants of the world like Apple, IBM, Google and Microsoft won’t seize the battle for domination over the world of high technologies. Each tries to promote their own achievements and in some cases they unite for mutual benefit. In this race for the AI improvement a set of important ethical questions has emerged. These questions are specifically important with the increasing role of the AI that was constructed for medical purposes. So what exactly ethical questions arise from the side of medical artificial intelligence?

What will happen to the doctors

Unemployment – this is probably the greatest fear of people who face the real threat from the side of robots. We all understand that machine doesn’t feel tired, doesn’t require rest or medical insurance and there is no need for a paid vacation. In addition, the machine can work faster and more effectively. The work of a doctor is quite specific one as it demands a lot of cognition. The robotic labor is better combinable with mechanical one. As we can see the AI is more applicable at present for industrial labor.

However, more and more improvements are added to the intellect which works directly with human being. The medical AI is a totally separate category as it needs to be able to conduct a decent mental operations judging from the data of the person’s outer look and the analysis of the data. Currently the AI lacks the quality of interpersonal communication but it is capable to provide a thorough data interpretation based on blood, X-ray, urine or any other source material. The final diagnosis and treatment issue is still in hands of human doctors. It is true that a machine is better with numbers and general statistic organization but it lacks the skills of communication with people and still needs further improvements.

The Strength of Humanism

The artificial intellect is becoming better and better with each year. The latest news proved the potential capability of the machine to understand the human conversation and even discern some basic emotions.

The main issue that arises from the situation with AI is the acceptance of the machine, as is pointed out by Dr. Lee Ann McDormack, the head pharmacy technician at Canadian Health and Care Mart. Let’s imagine that you are communicating with the machine entity while you are in the hospital. Will you consider it a living being or just a set of programmed zeros? And what if something happens, who will carry the blame. Here we have the most fundamental question that will surely take place after the AI will develop to the right level – what is the human and humanism. Can the machine own the qualities of a real doctor?

Another vital aspect of the machine ethics is the compassion when the doctor will be capable to experience some part of the pain belonging to the patient. The sharing of mutual pain usually contributes to the healing process together with the empathy flow from the side of the doctor.

It is hard to imagine some confidant talk with a machine intellect and hope for some mutual understanding as it often happens between people.

The Mistakes of the Machine

While passing the stage of study the machine can face a lot of difficulties. The medicine machine’s intellect is based on the neural networks which involves the use of the existing data patterns. However, the patterns can have differences and even the slightest miscalculation can lead to issues.

The training should be as thorough as possible and constantly monitored by experts. Even after the teaching is over there is still a share of risk that something might go wrong and the responsibility of wrong diagnosis or treatment will be placed either on a software designer or on the person who conducted the training, though the decision was made by an AI.

Another risk of the machine is the hacking possibility. The data can leak into the web and fall into the wrong hands if it won’t be properly protected. The personal data should be preserved at special servers with a maximal protection level.

There are still a lot of issues regarding the AI development and ethical questions are in the top priority among the society. There are a lot of risks but the reward is truly worth the time and energy spent on the creation of AI doctors.

Best Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Every man wishes to be a tireless stud in bed, causing his partner cry in the climax at least three times per night. But constant stresses, accumulated fatigue, and a negative effect of various factors (state of the environment, heredity, lifestyle, etc.) can ignite the weakening of a sex function in men. Not always having the opportunity or desire to consult a doctor, men start applying to folk remedies containing herbs and other natural components to manage their erectile dysfunction. In our article, we will shed light on the most popular and seemingly effective folk cures for the loss of sexual power.

Natural Remedies

Combinations of different products

With one-off incidents of the erectile disorder, men are simply advised to extend their ration. It should be enriched with such products, which in certain combinations can stimulate the sexual function. The most efficacious pro-potency product mixtures include:

  • Fried pumpkin seeds with onion. 200 g of such a mix gives your performance a real boost.
  • Butter with additions of ground parsley seeds. Take these products in equal proportions and consume up to three times a day.
  • Carrot juice mixed with ground nuts, sage, and honey. Such a beverage has a prompt effect on erectile issues; what is more, it is a solid immune booster.
  • Goat milk with walnuts. Eat 300 g of such nuts and drink a glass of goat milk after. Such treatment can repair male impotence and increase his drive for sex in mere weeks.

If you gravitate towards this or that traditional ED treatment option, bear in mind that along with positive effects on erectile disorders, herbs and plants listed above have a number of contraindications. Do not neglect to consult your doctor before using any of these remedies to make sure they are safe for you.

Herbal infusions

Herbal infusions are tried-and-true solutions for the erectile dysfunction treatment. To prepare a quality infusion, you should take a tablespoon of each herb recommended and pour a liter of boiling water over them. If a receipt presupposes the use of only one herb, then you should take 5 tablespoons of it. Infusions are taken 30 minutes before a meal in the amount of 50-100 ml 2-4 times a day. The duration of such treatment may last up to three months with a fortnight pause between courses. If the desired effect is not achieved, a man may repeat the infusion treatment but use different herbs for the next session. The following herb combinations are famed for their power to bring manhood back:

  • Clover, peppermint, Saint-John’s-wort, nettle.
  • Sainfoin Siberian,
  • Marigold, everlasting flower, valerian root, Saint-John’s-wort.

Though the recommended period of treatment with herbal infusions accounts for several months, positive effects can be felt in just a couple of weeks. A regular consumption of herbal infusions can also help man prevent ED relapses.


Most doctors claim that alcohol has a very negative influence on the male sexual function. However, folk remedies on the basis of alcohol, herbs, and other natural ingredients do wonders for prostatitis and impotence. To prepare such a liqueur, one should take vodka, pure alcohol or wine that is then added to the crude products. The liqueur is placed into dark and cold place to exclude the penetration of direct sun rays. The time of infusing and the treatment regimen for each recipe will be individual.

Hazelnut liqueur

Hazelnuts are an effective ED remedy great for men over 50. To cook such a liqueur, you should take 3 cups of peeled hazelnuts and ground them properly to powder. Then the substance is filled with 500 ml of red dessert wine.

To strengthen the healing effect of wine, it is recommended to add 30 grams of honey to it. The mixture is left for one day, after which it is filtered through gauze. A man should take 30 grams of the ready tincture on an empty stomach for a week. Then he should take a break for 9 days and repeat the course again.

Ginger liqueur

This potion is made from 1 kg of ground ginger and 1 liter of vodka. The components are mixed and infused for about 15 days. Do not forget to shake the liqueur from time to time. It is enough to take 10 drops of such liqueur every day, preferably an hour before sleep.

Celery liqueur

For this receipt, you need 200 grams of both celery leaves and fennel seeds. Mix these components and pour a bottle of vodka over them. Let it infuse for a month with everyday shaking. When the time is over, strain the liqueur through gauze or a fine sieve and use 100 mg a day after a meal for a month or so.


If the methods mentioned above failure to help with erectile dysfunction or are not suitable for your particular case, you can also consider different balms, which can be used either for external application or oral administration.


Any massage cream can serve as a foundation for this balm that is enhanced with 3 drops of peppermint and bergamot essential oils and 2 drops of cinnamon essential oil. For treatment, the balm should be rubbed once a day in the sacrum area with gentle movements until it is completely absorbed. In addition to good medicinal properties, this product has a pronounced deodorizing effect with a pleasant aroma.


Aloe is a key ingredient in many anti-impotence receipts due to its excellent properties to restore a compromised sexual function. To make aloe balm, you should take the same quantity of honey, ground aloe leaves, and red dessert wine and mix all these ingredients. The derived mixture is then put in a dark place for a week. After this period, the liquid is filtered and used for the improvement of erectile dysfunction. The balm is taken orally in the amount of 1 tablespoon three times a day. The duration is one month, after which a man should take a week break. This folk receipt is suitable for a long-lasting treatment.


Egyptair Company for Medical Services (EGYPTAIR HOSPITAL) announces the visit of two of the most eminent experts in neurology:

Prof. Dr. Ikuya NONAKA – Professor of Neurology & President Emeritus
National Hospital for Mental,Nervous and muscular disorders,National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry,Tokyo, Japan and
Prof. Dr. Ichizo NISHINO – Professor of Neurology
National Institute of Neuroscience,National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry,Tokyo, Japan

During the following period:
From the 9th of November 2014 to the 14th of November 2014.

Chairman’s Welcome

In EGYPTAIR HOSPITAL, we aim to provide services that exceed the expectations of our customers from employees in the field of civil aviation, to everyone in Egypt, Middle East and the World. In this regard, EGYPTAIR HOSPITAL has undergone renovations, developing new modern facilities such as advanced surgeries (spinal cord, brain surgeries, open heart surgery, liver and kidney transplant), cardiac catheterization, renal dialysis, endoscopic procedures, & nuclear medicine. This is in addition to upgrading the emergency department, which provides 24-hour services through a highly qualified team and providing it with a fully equipped operating theatre for rapid surgical and orthopedic interventions, as well as a specialized intensive care unit